We introduce you, International Customs &
Trade Advisory Cooperative(ICTC)

We are always stand on your side.


We develop the solutions for your problems in international trade procedures,

and provide you with the counselling services,

to become the global lighthouse to shine upon the way

for the growth and economical development of SMEs and Korea.


We, ICTC, work with the global trade professionals, and through the partnership with them:

▪ We share the best experiences and information together(Sharing),

▪ Our commitment helps SMEs in distress as our family(Commitment),

▪ We provide you with the satisfactory expertise(Expertise) and

▪ Our efforts to make the wisdom worthy for your problems can be done(Wisdom).

Management Philosophies of ICTC

▪ SMEs are the very roots for our country's economy

▪ Democratizing the economy = Strengthening the economy for SMEs

▪ More SMEs become wealthy, more our economy becomes wealthy

▪ Our mission is to remove the barricades and make safer ways in foreign markets

▪ We share the difficulties of SMEs together, and their happiness is ours as well!

Why You Should Choose Us?
Inland Trade Support Agencies ICTC

▪ Sporadic trade supports from each agency

▪ Network of Inland professionals only

▪ Only employees are in charge of - Passive response

▪ Mostly focused upon inland trade supporting

▪ Finding buyers, foreign marketing, capital support for trade, general trade consultings and etc.

▪ Humane platform for foreign clearance support(Cooperative Union)

▪ Network of inland and foreign professionals

▪ Professionals untied to agencies - Active response and participation

▪ Solution to foreign export/import difficulties and cost reduction

▪ International cleraance, tariff, foreign certification, international tax affairs, trademark of national polity, international distribution, foreign clearance information, suggestions for developing foreign clearance support policies and etc.

We, ICTC, solve the difficulties of SMEs
for foreign clearances and non-tariff barriers.