Introducing the executives of the ICTC.

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  • Name Major Career
  • Dr. Indy Suk Oh Kim Former Executive Director, Cheonan Customs/Suwon Customs
  • Dr. Jae-Wan Chung Professor at Trade Dept. of Han-nam University
  • Yoon-Tak Bae CEO of Chun-Ahn Logistics Co., Ltd
  • Ki-Bong Moon President of ASEAN business center
  • Won-Gil Jo Professor at Global Trade Dept. of Namseoul University
  • In-Suk Kim Representative tax accountant of YOUWANT Co., Ltd.
  • Won-Taek Ryu Executiv Director of Korea Customs and Trade Development Institute
Standing Committee
  • Ki-Hyeong Choi Former head of the KOTRA Gyeong-gi supporters
  • Seok-Lok Lim CEO of IT-Silkroad Co., Ltd.
  • Ho-Shin Park Representative customs broker of Hangyeol Customs Office
  • Sang-Gon Lee Professor at the School of Industrial Management of Korea University of Technology and Education
  • Ssang-Gu Lim Representative customs broker of SEJUNG Customs Service Inc.
Steering Committee
  • Young-Mi Shin Advisor at NGL Korea Co., Ltd./US customs officer
  • Bo-Mi Kim General Director/Customs broker at the Trade Management Dept. of MEMC Korea Co., Ltd.
Director of Research Planning Office
  • Young-Nam Shin Former Tax Tribunal Administration Office
  • Bang Shire Current Director of Research Planning Office, ICTC Secretariat
Executive Secretary
  • Dong-Yeop Lee NGL Korea
  • Dr.In-Kyu Kim Former Commissioner of GyeongIn/Daegu Regional office of Food and Drug Safety/MFDS(MInistry of Food and Drug Safety)
  • Yeong-Won Ahn CEO of Dukin Co., Ltd.
  • Yoo-Geun Lim Former Judge of the Patent Office
  • Cheol Kim Former Customs Attache to Korean Embassy in China
  • Dr. Chang-Gil Kim Former Head of Central Customs Laboratory, Korea Customs Service
  • Dr. Min-Jeong Kim Korean lawyer
  • Joung Sook Lim Former President of Overseas Korean Trade Association in LA
  • Dr. Geum-Hwan Ko Advisor to Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports in Cambodia
  • Jessica Eun CEO of Curson Cafe
  • Peter Lee American lawyer
  • Jin Jeong Kim American lawyer
  • Chris Se-Ju Kim CEO of Kadence Advisors Co., Ltd.
  • Andrew Lee Former senior investigator at the U.S. National Tax Service (IRS).
Honorary Advisor
  • Dr. Haejung An Vice-Chairman of the American Association of Korean Medicine and Technology

We, ICTC, solve the difficulties of SMEs
for foreign clearances and non-tariff barriers.