Let me introduce you to the members of the ICTC.


Ph.D. In-Kyu KimAdvisor for medical devices, drug, cosmetics & foods

Contact address

- Visiting professor, Incheon Jaeneung University

- Former Commissioner of GyeongIn/Daegu Regional office of Food and Drug Safety/MFDS(MInistry of Food and Drug Safety)

- Former director at MFDS/KFDA/KNIH (drugs, cosmetics, medical devices)

- Post Doc at the College of Pharmacy of Utah University

- Former dispatch service agent at US FDA CDER

Advisory Fields
Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical devices, Safety and Trade of Food and drugs

Yoo-Geun LimAdvisor(Right of intellectual properties)

Contact address
02-2188-5201 02-2188-5455

- Representative patent attorney at BAE,KIM & LEE IP Co., Ltd.

- Former examiner/judge at the Patent and Trademark Office of Korea

- Standing member of the Korea Patent Attorneys association

- Steering committee member of the right of intellectual properties at KIPA

Advisory Fields
Internal/external patent/trademark/design application & registration, advices to the right of IP and agency for judge lawsuit agencies

Yeong-Won AhnAdvisor(Global trade)

Contact address

- CEO of Dukin Co., Ltd.

- Former team manager at Business Dept. of Electronic BG of Doosan Co., Ltd.

- Former CEO of Dukin Medical Co., Ltd.

- President of KOTRA Gyeong-gi business club

Advisory Fields

Jin-Jeong Kim(J.J.Kim)Advisor(US trade legislations)

Contact address
714-522-3300 www.acilawgroup.com

- Managing Partner at ACI Law Group PC

- President of Korean American Customs & Trade Study Forum

- Legal Advisor at OKTA-LA

- Certified specialist of Admiralty & Maritime Law

- Admitted to US Court of International Trade

- PCQI & FSVP Lead Instructor

Advisory Fields
US Customs, Business, Trade, FDA and Maritime Law

Peter LeeHonorary canon(US evaluation laws)

Contact address

- Partner lawyer at US LHDK&W Law firm

- Director of the overseas board of the International Association of Korean Lawyers

- Legal advisor at the Korea-US tax forum

- Director of the Zion Mountain Foundation

- Chairman of US Berkeley Korean Student Association

Advisory Fields
Business transaction contract, commercial dispute, commercial law

Joung-Sook LimAdvisor for Korea-US trade

Contact address

- CEO of Virtual Health Inc.

- Founder of Women Trade Startup School in LA

- Former Chairwoman of Second Generation Trade School in LA

- Former President of Overseas Korean Trade Association in LA

- Former Chairwoman of Korea University Southern California Alumni Association

- Master Degree of Environmental Science Sejong University

Advisory Fields
Trade Start-up, Korea-US trade matching

Ph.D. Geum-Hwan KoAdvisor for Trade in Southeast

Contact address

- Advisor to Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports in Cambodia

- Vice President of Korea ICT Convergence Association

- Former Research Professor at Asian Institute of Technology

Advisory Fields
Overall Issues such as Economic conditions related to business activities for Korean companies to enter into market of Southeast Asia

Ph.D. Jae-Wan ChungAdvisor for trade & customs policy

Contact address

- Professor at Trade Dept. of Han-nam University

- Former non-executive judge at the Tax Tribunal

- Former head of Evaluation Policy Dept.

- Former Yong-dang customs director

- Former head of Incheon Customs Clearance Facilitation Bureau

- President of Korea Research Society for Customs/FTA Expert Forum/Korea Tariff Forum

Advisory Fields
Tariff policies, SME support policy development

Cheol KimAdvisor for Korea-Chinese Customs and trade

Contact address
010-6417-6891 031-461-2556

- Current Managing Director Customs Firm KwangChang

- Former Customs Attache to Korean Embassy in China

- Former Director of Special Clearance Div, Korea Customs Service

- Former Exceutive Director, Kimhae International Airport Customs

- Former Director, Korea Customs Loigistics Association

- Committee Member of Korea Customs Brokers Association

Advisory Fields
Chinese Customs, Import & Export procedure between Korea and China

Ph.D. Chang-Kil KimAdvisor for Classification

Contact address
010-7745-6704 02-2244-6703

- Former Head of Central Customs Laboratory, Korea Customs Service

- Former Adjunct Professor, Incheon National University

- Former Member of Customs and Commodity Classification Committee

- Former Member of WCO Science sub-Committee and Korea-US Trade Working Group

Advisory Fields
HS Classification, Customs Procedures

Jessica EunAdvisor for Korea-US Trade

Contact address

- CEO of Sigen American Inc

- CEO of Curson Cafe

- Trade mark holder for Jessica’s Organic Coffee

- Experienced in Trade of Apparel and Jewery

Advisory Fields
Trade between Korea and USA

Chris Se-Ju KimAdvisor (US investment)

Contact address

- CEO of Kadence Advisors Co., Ltd.

- Former vice president of Bear Stearns Co., Ltd.

- Former branch manager of Charles Schwab Co., Ltd.

- Former vice president of Morgan Stanley Co., Ltd.

Advisory Fields
US investment

Andrew LeeAdvisory member (US Tax)

Contact address

- President, AML Advisory Group

- Retired Special Agent, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Division

- Former Revenue Agent, IRS – Examination Division

- Former Tax Auditor, California Board of Equalization

- President, Korea-US Tax Forum

- Law Enforcement Liaison, Korea Prosecutors Association

- Board of Director, KPA Justice Foundation

- Certified instructor, U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Advisory Fields
US white-collar criminal and tax investigation matters advisory services, US money laundering investigation and Bank Secrecy Act investigation and government regulatory compliance advisory services

Dr. Keun ho ChangAdvisor for Trade and Tariff Policy

Contact address

- Professor, Hongik University

- Non-standing Judge, Tax Court of Korea

- Director General, Ministry of Strategy and Finance

- Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Public Finance

Advisory Fields
Trade and Tariff Policy, Customs Dispute

Joy KimAdvisor(Trade)

Contact address

- President, Nabijoy

- President, Kim Keun-young Sports Academy

- President, Solnae Golf & Fitness

- Lecturer, Tourism Management Dept, Young-dong Univ.

- Lecturer, Continuous Education School, Kwan-dong Univ.

Advisory Fields
Trade in Sports wears, E-commerce Marketing

Jae Ho MyungAdvisory Member(Customs)

Contact address

- Customs Compliance Manager, Hyundai-Mobis

- Trade Consulting Team Manager, Cheong-Sol Customs Corporation

- Trade Compliance Manager, ELAND World

- FTA Utilization Team Manager, Korea Institute of Origin Information

- Customs Clearance Team Manager, Lotte Global Logis Co.

Advisory Fields
Origin Verification, Customs Compliance, Compliance of Strategical Products, Customs Clearance of Military Goods

Heidi Youn-Ok ParkAdvisory Member

Contact address

- President of Global Authorized Public Attorney

- Advisor of Smart HAPP, Small and Medium Business Support Center

- Ministry of Health & Welfare, Bureau of Int’l Cooperation(Division of Multilateral and Trade Affairs),

- Bureau of Health Industry(Division of Health Industries Policy), Bureau of Welfare Policy, Bureau of Policy for Persons with Disabilities

- KOICA Advisor of Children & Youth Policy, Department of Children & Youth, Ministry of Social Development & Human Security, Thailand

Advisory Fields
Health Industries Field (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices)

An DamiAdvisor(Blockchain)

Contact address

- Current CEO of Future Sense Ltd.

- Current The Consensus Advisor

- Former Consensus Korea Business Director

- Investment Manager of The Blockchain Investment Incubation Company, The Blockchainer

- Has successfully built B2B business and sales channels & partners (over 200 companies) in overseas investment consulting firm in Beijing, China

- Graduated from the Department of Sociology at Peking University.

Advisory Fields

- Blockchain in Trade and Customs Process,

- Blockchain Strategy Advisory

- Consultation on logistics, trade, finance, tariffs

- Blockchain and Digital transformation

In-Kyu ParkAdvisor(Cross Board Trade)

Contact address

- Current CEO of ECPLAZA Co., Ltd.

- Former EC Korea & Plaza Business Development Team Leader

- Former Korea Trade Information and Communication KTNET) Internet Fax Business Team Leader

- Participated in the work of enacting the trade business automation promotion law

- Participation in the revision of foreign trade laws

- Participation in the enactment of the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce

Advisory Fields
IT development in the field of trade and customs, e-trade

Eunseo Choi(Ann Choi)Advisor(Finance)

Contact address

- Current Director of LA World Korean Trade Association

- Former Bank of Hope Corporate Director

- Former Corporate Director, Wells Fargo Bank

- Former Vice President of Hanmi Bank

- Wilshire Bank, Saehan Bank, California Seoul Bank, Bank of America

Advisory Fields
Financial advisory for US companies

Ph.D. Steven LeeSpecial Advisor(Education)

Contact address

- Present Honorary President of George Mason University

- Current Director of Chadwick International School

- Former President of George Mason University Korea

- Former USC Korea Representative

- Former President of the Asia Pacific Educators Association

- Former U.S. Department of Education Asia Pacific Education Commissioner

- Former US President, Asia Pacific Policy Advisory Committee

- Doctor of Education, USC

Advisory Fields
public education and training

Diane Yeong LeeSpecial Advisor(US Tax Law)

Contact address

- Current US Certified Tax Accountant

- Former CEO of Premier Tax Firm

- Former President of the Korean American Tax Accountant Association

- Former Tax Advisory Committee Member, Consulate General of LA

- Master of Tax Law, Golden Gate University, USA

Advisory Fields
U.S. tax law, tax return

ICTC Inland Advisory Members

Ki-Hyeong ChoiAdvisory member (Export support)

Contact address

- Former head of the KOTRA Gyeong-gi supporters

- Former director of the KOTRA-Paris Trade Institution

- Former leader of the KOTRA Medical-Bio task team

- Former branch director of the KOTRA NA Regional Office

Advisory Fields
Foreign market & enterprise information search, foreign trade partner search

Ki-Bong MoonDirector/Advisory member for Korea-ASEAN trade matching

Contact address
02-529-6151 02-2010-8899

- President of ASEAN business center

- Former General Manager of the ASEAN-Korea Center

- Former Deputy generalmanager of Hyundai Corporation

- Former Manager of Samsung Corporation

Advisory Fields
Southeast Asian business (Trade/Investment)

Tae-Hwan KimAdvisory member (SME trade support)

Contact address
010-4185-6191 02–3775-1981

- Director of the International Trade Affairs Dept. at Korea Federation of SME

- Former director of the Overseas Business Dept. at ROMANSON Co., Ltd.

Advisory Fields
SME trade support

Kwang-Su LeeAdvisory member for trade of agricultural goods

Contact address

- Director of Internal Audit, Kyungnam District office, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NACF)

- Former Regional Director of Nonghyup Bank in Hapcheon

- Former Managing Director NACF Branch Office in Los Angeles

Advisory Fields
Agricultural goods trade

Won-Taek RyuAdvisory member(Japan trade)

Contact address

- Executiv Director of Korea Customs and Trade Development Institute

- Former Customs Attache, Korean Embassy to Japan

- Former head of Yangsan Customs

- Former Executive director for FTA, Seoul Main Customs

- Former Executive director for Customs Clearance, Busan Main Customs

- Former Director of FTA Cooperation Division, Korea Customs Service

Advisory Fields
Japan customs & trade law, FTA, Origin marking

Ph.D. Won-Kil ChoAdvisory member (International e-commerce)

Contact address

- Professor at Global Trade Dept. of Namseoul University

- Head of GTEP/IPP projects at Namseoul University

- Researcher of Korea Institue for Electronic Commerce

- President of Chungnam Business Incubation Association/Consultant of the board of Gyeong-gi Human Resource Development/Head of Digital Business Incubation Center

- Staff of Korea Research Society for Customs/Korea Trade Research Association/Global e-Business Association

Advisory Fields
e-Commerce, international trade policies and business start-up

Ph.D. Sang-Kon LeeAdvisory member (SME management)

Contact address

- Professor at the School of Industrial Management of Korea University of Technology and Education

- Vice president/Chief editor of Korea Research Society for IT Service

- Advisory professor of Korea Small Business Institute

- Advisory professor of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

- Former director at the Career Development Dept. of Korea Universty of Technology and Education

- Former professor at Asian Institue of Technology, Thailand

Advisory Fields
SME management, technical management, online education

Ph.D. Indy Suk-Oh KimChairman, ICTC Board

Contact address

- Professor, Customs Border Control Training Institute

- Adjunt Professor, Dankuk University

- Former Executive Director, Cheonan Customs/Suwon Customs

- Former Director of FTA Div., Incheon Main Customs

- Former Consul at Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles

- Former Director, FTA Cooperation Div./Origin Verification Div., Korea Customs Service

- Vice President Korea Research Society for Customs/International e-Business Association

- Negotiator in Rules of Origin & Customs Group in Korea-US FTA, Korea-EU FTA, Korea-ASEAN FTA, Korea-India FTA

Advisory Fields
Customs policies, FTA, customs valuation, classcification, Trade regulations

Ph.D. Ho-Shin ParkAdvisory member (IT trade)

Contact address

- Director of IT-Silkroad Co., Ltd.

- Representative customs broker of Hangyeol Customs Office

- Research director of the FTA application forum

- Senior researcher of Korea International Trade Research Institute

- Former research professor at Jungseok Research Institue of International Logistics and Trade of Inha University

Advisory Fields
IT trade establishment, corporate HR education

Ssang-Gu LimAdvisory member (Customs evaluation)

Contact address

- Representative customs broker of SEJUNG Customs Service Inc.

- Master of the International Logistics and Trade Dept. of Inha University

- Former head of the Evaluation Agency at Busan Customs Office

- Former head of the AEO Center of Evaluation Policy Dept. at Korea Customs Service

- Former genereal director of the Evaluation Dept. at Incheon Customs Office

Advisory Fields
Trade clearance, customs evaluation, AEO, FTA

Bo-Mi KimAdvisory member (Corporate customs)

Contact address

- General Director/Customs broker at the Trade Management Dept. of MEMC Korea Co., Ltd.

- Researcher of the FTA Customs Enforcement Dept. at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea

- Instructor for customs laws at SiDae EDU Co., Ltd.

- Instructor for FTA customs exemption laws at Educast Co., Ltd.

Advisory Fields
Foreign investment company tax reduction, corporate education for customs

Mi-Ra BaekAdvisory member (Chinese authorization)

Contact address

- Vice president at the Korea Branch of - China Certification & Inspection Group Korea Co., Ltd.

- Authorized instructor of KOTRA global academy

- Consultant of KTR and KTL, certified by the Chinese authorities

- Former member of the Expert Council at the Export Certification Acquisition Extra Support Business Dept. of KTR Institute

- Former instructor at Korea Food Association

Advisory Fields
CCC of China, CQC, Cosmetics, Food, GB-TEST, etc., All sectors of China's non-tariff barriers

Yoon-Tak BaeAdvisory member (Logistics)

Contact address
010-3704-9592 050-4018-9592

- CEO of Chun-Ahn Logistics Co., Ltd

- Director of Korea Customs Logistics Association

- Former executive of SAMT Co., Ltd.

- Former IB staff at Ssangyong Investment Securities/Ssangyong Investment Corp.

- Former staff at Samsung C&T Corporation

Advisory Fields
Logistics, investment

Byeong-Ok AhnAdvisory member (IT customs)

Contact address

- CEO of Open Innovation Lab

- Former representative customs broker of VHL Sehan Customs Inc.

- Former director of the Evaluation Bureau/FTA Bureau at the Seoul Customs Office

- Former director of Ulsan/Yeosu Customs Offices

- Former director of the Intelligence Planning/Intelligence Management/Trade Logistics Dept. at Korea Customs Service

Advisory Fields
Customs administration(clearance, evaluation, FTA), IT field(A.I, system development, security and consulting)

Seok-Lok LimAdvisory member (Global trade information)

Contact address
02-834-3012 010-5252-1905 02-834-3078

- CEO of IT-Silkroad Co., Ltd. www.itsilkroad.com

- CEO of HK Biztech Co., Ltd. www.lawtop.co.kr

- Licensed customs broker/Certified public labor attorney

Advisory Fields
Global customs trade information, IT trade business

In-Suk KimAdvisory member(SME tax affairs)

Contact address
010-7292-3777 02-400-1478

- Representative tax accountant of YOUWANT Co., Ltd.

- Tax-help accountant at the small business owner taxpaying support group of Gangnam Tax Office

- Member of the Gangnam Local Tax Council, Seoul

- Former team manager at Tax Affairs Dept. of NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.

- Former staff at Korea Tax Service(for 20 years)

Advisory Fields
SME tax affairs advisory, family business succession

Seung-Kyoo LeeAdvisory member (Customs investigation)

Contact address

- Professor of Customs Border Control Training Institute

- Former director of Jeju/Masan Customs Offices

- Former Head of International Investigation Div, Korea Customs Service

- Former dispatched officer of ROCB A/P, WCO

Advisory Fields
Customs investigation

Sang-Hyup LeeAdvisory member (International customs)

Contact address

- Professor of Customs Border Control Training Institute

- Former director of Yeosu/Bukbusan Customs Offices

- Former director of the International Affairs Dept. at Korea Customs Service

- Former dispathced officer of WCO

Advisory Fields
International trade, international customs organization

Ph.D. Sung-Gil NahAdvisory member for taxation laws

Contact address

- Executive Advisor of Tax Consulting Firm Woojoo/Reprejentative of Daily Tax Research Institute

- Former Head of Pyungtaek Tax Office

- Former Head of Tax Office at Sooyoung & Kumjeong

- Former Professor, National Tax Training Institute

- Former President, Korea Tax Research Forum

Advisory Fields
Korea tax laws and regulations

Ph.D. Jong-In LeeAdvisory member for E-commerce legal system

Contact address

- Adjunctive Professor, Konkuk University

- Senior Research Fellow, Yeoido InstituteFormer Research Fellow, Korea Consumer Agency

- Former Adjunctive Professor, University of Seoul

Advisory Fields
E-commerce legal system, Consumer protection policies

Ph.D. Sang-Phil HanAdvisory member (Customs, Trade)

Contact address

- Professor of Customs Border Control Institute

- Adjunct professor at the Trade Logistics Dept. of Pai Chai University

- Former staff at Korea Customs Service/Busan Customs Office/Customs Valuation & Classification Institute

- Member of the public officer and qualification test design committee(9th grade, customs broker, POO manager, bonded goods caretaker)

Advisory Fields
Customs laws, Customs Evaluation

Sun-Kyong HwangAdvisory member (Customs, Classification and FTA)

Contact address
010 2713 8997

- Representative Customs broker of TOPS CUSTOMS AGENCY

- Member of National Expedition for Active Administration, Korea Customs Service

- Member of Tariff Classification Committee, Korea Customs Valuation and Classification Institute

- Public Customs Broker Designated by Korea Customs Service

- Member of Women & Young Generation Committee, Korea Customs Brokers Association

Customs, Classification and FTA

Tea-Woo KangAdvisory member(Trade Consulting)

Contact address

- Customs Broker, Daehong CBH

- Director, Foraconsulting Company

- Customs Consultant, Yes FTA Program of Korea Customs Service

- Advisor in Customs Matters, K-biz

- Advisor in Trade, Kyunggi Region of Industrial Complex

Advisory Fields
Origin Verification, Trade Consulting, Overseas Marketing

Kyung Keun LeeAdvisor(Int’l Taxation)

Contact address

- Senior Tax Partner, Yulchon LLC

- Head of Tax Consulting Dept.,Yulchon LLC

- President, Korean branch of International Fiscal Association

- Director of MOEF (International Tax Division/Corporate Tax Division/Personal Income Tax Division/National Tax Tribunal)

- Vice Chair of UN Tax Expert Committee (2006~2008)

- Principal Administrator of OECD CTPA(1999-2003)

Advisory Fields

- International Tax(Transfer Pricing)/International Investment

- International Inheritance &Gift Tax

Prof. W.S. KANGSenior Advisor

Contact address

- Chairman & Founder of Korean Egyptian Development Association(KEDA)

- Chairman of JK Holdings International Co., Ltd.

- Public Relations Ambassador for Gangwon Province for Promoting Pyeong-Chang winter Olympic Games in Korea

- Professor at Badr University in Cairo

- General Manager for Korea Defiance Acquisition Procurement Agency & Military Advisor for Commissioner of DAPA

- Chairman of Korean Military Academy 37th Class

Advisory Fields
Trade and Investment in Africa and Middle East Region

ICTC Overseas Advisory Members

Andrew SeoAdvisory member (US customs)

Contact address
310-337-7272 310-227-8239

- Representative customs broker of Andrew Seo CHB Inc.

- President of Korean American Logistics Association

- Former president of Korea-US customs trade research forum

- Former advisory member of the KOTRA KOR-US FTA help-desk

- Former instructor of the KORUS FTA academy

Advisory Fields
US import clearance, US item classification, US customs tariff investigation advice

Andrew ParkAdvisory member (US FDA clearance)

Contact address

- Representative customs broker of Andrew J. Park CHB Inc., US

- Director of Binex Logistics Inc., US

- Instructor of FSPCA, FSMA, FSVP in US

- Former vice president of the KOR-US customs trade research forum

- Former advisory member for customs at the consulate general, LA

Advisory Fields
US import clearance, item classification, US customs investigation advice and FSVP consulting in the food field

Joshua LimAdvisory member (US FDA)

Contact address
310-337-7272 310-227-8239

- Customs broker of Andrew Seo CHB Inc., US

- Customs broker for public interest of the consulate general, LA

- Advisory member of the KOTRA LA trade bureau

- Former deputy secretary-general of the KOR-US customs trade forum

Advisory Fields
US import clearance, US item classification, US FDA advice

Stella Yeon-Jin SonAdvisory member (US FDA)

Contact address
02-6258-3300 010-4007-1791

- CEO of ACI Advisory Group

- Consultant of ACI Law Group, PC

Advisory Fields
US FDA(Government Regulatory Compliance)

Young-Mi ShinAdvisory member(US customs)

Contact address

- Advisor at NGL Korea Co., Ltd./US customs officer

- Former director in charge of the customs at FNS Logistics Co., Ltd.

- Former vice president at the Korea-US Customs & Trade Forum

- Former advisory member of the consulate general of ROK in Los Angeles

- Former instructor at the Korea-US FTA Academy

- US customs officer

Advisory Fields
US Clearance/Customs

Tae-Mok LeeAdvisory member (US FDA)

Contact address

- CEO of Trick Art Museum, USA

- CEO of Korea Distributor Center Inc., US

- President of Southern California Korean eCommerce Association

- Former director of the Gyeonggi NA trade office

- Former director of HR Dept./Marketing group of Samsung Electronics head office

- Former vice executive director of World OKTA-LA

Advisory Fields
US eCommerce marketplace, eCommerce PR, US enterprise trade affairs advice

Woo-Taek KimAdvisory member (US trade)

Contact address

- CEO of NICSTE USA, Inc (tire trade for trucks and buses)

- Director of World OKTA-LA

- Director of KAGRO ASSO CA

- Senior vice president of KAGRO ASSO OC, CA

Advisory Fields
Central & South American Trade Matching

Justin JooAdvisory member (US accountant/tax affairs)

Contact address
213-380-5678 213-380-5578 www.jjjcpas.com


- Representative accountant of J.J.J Accounting Corp., US

- US CPA / Member of the California Society of CPAs

- Former president of the KOR-US Tax Forum(KUTF)

- Former tax affairs advisory member of the consulate general, LA

- MBA, University of California

Advisory Fields
US enterprise accountant, management advice, US tax affairs

Se-Jin LeeAdvisory member (US tax affairs)

Contact address

- Representative customs broker of Premier Tax Group

- Secretary-general of KOR-US Tax Research Forum

- Former president of Korean American Association of Enrolled Agents

Advisory Fields
US tax laws, taxation report

Sean NohAdvisory member (US logistics)

Contact address

- CEO of NGL Transportation US

- CEO of NGL Korea

- Vice president of Korean American Logistics Association(KALA)

- Vice president of Korean American Customs & Trade Study Forum(KACTS)

- Thunderbird School of Global Management/MBA(1999)

Advisory Fields
US warehouse, transportation, Third-party logistics

Edward YounAdvisory member (US logistics)

Contact address

- CEO of New Connect Freight Inc

- Former COO of People & Logistics Inc., US

- Former staff at the Procurement Strategy/Overseas Business Dept. of Samsung Electronics

Advisory Fields
US logistics

Jong-Kun LeeAdvisory member (KOR-US laws)

Contact address
213-787-3107 02-561-9797 02-561-9696

- Representative attorney of Law offices of Jong K. Lee

- Attorney of Summit(SLI) Law Firm

- Legal advisor of the consulate general, LA

- Attorney, CA, US

- Former prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office

- Graduated from the Dept. of Business Admin. at Seoul National University

Advisory Fields
KOR-US laws, immigration, corporate litigation

Janet BurtAdvisory member (US laws)

Contact address
818-245-5117 www.jjjcpas.comKakao : jyburt987

- Professional attorney of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard and Smith LLC

- Vice president of LA Affordable Housing Commission

- Investment promotion advisor of Gwangju/Gyeongnam

- Advisory member of the KOTRA LA Trade Bureau

Advisory Fields
US business development

Kyung-Ho HwangAdvisory member (US investment)

Contact address


- Developed a California shopping-mall, LA

- Developed an apartment, LA

- Developed a hotel, LA

Advisory Fields
Adivce upon real estate investment/development in US and the taxation and accountant

William B. ChoiAdvisory member (Canada)

Contact address


- CEO of Back Joy Korea

- CB Williams Group of Companies, Chairman

- Former management consultant of Samil PwC

- Graduated from London Graduate School of Management

- Seinor researcher of Keio University, Japan

Advisory Fields
Global trade/investment

Hyeon-Jong YuAdvisory member (Indonesian trade)

Contact address

- Executive director of HUNG-A Indonesia

- Staff at Korea Customs Service/Busan Customs Office

Advisory Fields
Indonesian trade

James LeeAdvisory member (US trademark rights)

Contact address
714-522-3300 714-522-3700

- Director of ACI Law Group, PC

- Consultant of ACI Law Group, PC

- Former Chief Researcher, DST Co., Ltd

- Over 300 US trademarks filed

- Defense Science Research Institute Participation in muzzle velocity measurement radar

Advisory Fields
US trademark rights

Pedro LeeAdvisory member (CPA/Technical Assistance in Brazil)

Contact address

- Director, Tax Group, Law firm LBC

- URI Consultoria Consultant / Director, HB Combinator

- Former President, OKTA Brazil

- Former Head of Next Generation Committee, OKTA

- Head of Legal Team, Samsung Electronics Brazil Corporation

Advisory Fields
Tax, Trade, Technical Assistance in Brazil

Jay LeeAdvisor(US FDA)

Contact address

- CEO and Sr. Consultant at J&B Food Consulting

- 15 years’ experience in USA food industry

- Currently, FSPCA FSVP & PCQI lead instructor, Produce Safety Rule trainer

- Currently, working as FDA FSMA Technical Expert for ANAB

- Extensive food manufacturing experience in QA & Production management in USA.

Advisory Fields
Food Safety Program Set-up (GMP, HACCP, BRC, SQF, etc), FSMA, FDA/USDA Food and Dietary Supplement, PCQI/FSVP training, Manufacturing Plant Design, etc.

Jay J. LeeAdvisor(U.S. Logistics)

Contact address

- CEO/President, Weconnect Logistics

- China Gwangzou International Logistics Co.

- US Western International Logistics Co.

- Advisor, US aT Center

- Secretary General, Korean American Customs & Trade Forum

Advisory Fields
International Logistics, Trade, Customs

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